Thank you for visiting the Scenes of Nudity Database, the original database of celebrity nude scenes on the Internet.

The Scenes of Nudity Database was the first site of its kind on the Internet, even predating movie sites like the Internet Movie Database, just as the Bare Facts Video Guide was the first of its kind in published format. In the past there was a need for the site, a following for it, and it worked for what it was. That is no longer the case. There are many other sites on the Internet now that provide the same data as well as pictures and screen-caps, something I could never do for legal reasons.

Thank you for using the site over these past 20 some odd years. It was an adventure, it was a lot of work, but it's time for the site to go down. I will be changing the site to something else in the near future. I thank you again for visiting and hope you will visit and enjoy my future site.

Best Regards,


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